PROFESSIONALISM!! Are You SERIOUS about your business? Because if you dont have a professional website you are losing out on a vast number of potential customers.
We do not just build and host the website but provide a message service for the tradesmen. This service provides email, text messaging, fax or telephone contact. This means the customer has immediate contact with the tradesmen WITHOUT THE TRADESMEN'S NEED TO OWN A COMPUTER OR ACCESS THE INTERNET.
90% of potential QUALITY customers will look on the internet for services especially Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, Bricklayers, Plasterers, Kitchen fitters, Bathroom Fitters etc. This is in preference to traditional means such as YELLOW PAGES.
When a potential customer looks at the classified section of the local newspaper or Yellow Pages most of them have no idea who to choose when looking for local Tradesmen. What makes your advertisement stand out from the crowd?
95% of potential customers who want quality building work will have access to computers at home and work and will not hesitate to contact you using them.
The internet provides real time pictures and an advert does not.
You MUST HAVE A professional WEBSITE for people to look at as it gives people an insight into who where and what you are about. In conjunction with your advert it will personalise your company and most importantly give potential customers reasurances of who they can  expect to visit them in respect of building work and tradesmen. Everyone has heard horror stories and seen the TV programs about the cowboy builder or tradesmen and this is a means of heading them off at the pass. If you are a professional this tool will be  of tremendous help in gaining new customers.
This website product is aimed at the professional tradesmen who regularly advertises. It is a professionally designed product at an extremely reasonable price.
A lot of builders and tradesmen generate their business by word of mouth, but this does not reach the wider audience unlike a website. Anyone who thinks word of mouth is going to  be an efficient way of operating in the future is going to eventually have problems.
With the influx of large numbers of immigrant labour it is inevitable that all tradesmen  will be undercut for price and this will instantly effect your standard of living.
The days of pushing Flyers(Junk Mail) through doors is well and truly over and an advert in the local paper is not enough to secure future work.
Website design is a specialist skill and is better and more economically dealt with by a professional designer. We also provide affordability and the best website you can get for your money.
We guarantee you will not find a better quality, better designed website or a better service.
Your website is Tax Deductable
Unlike an advert you can change items such as phone numbers and update information IMEDIATLEY
16. We are on call to help your business and help you increase your customer base.
17. This is the 21rst century and whether you like it or not this is the computer age.
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